Our Families

No matter where you are in your journey, we're here for you.


Online Parent Support

We have an active, private online group for local parents and guardians of gender-creative and transgender kids. Our children range in age from 3 years old to young adult.

Many of our families have children who are not "out" as transgender in their public lives at school and elsewhere. For this reason, and for the safety of all our children, group membership is kept confidential.

Each family is on a unique gender journey but we all have much in common: we love our children unconditionally and want the world to be a safe place for them. 

In this group we share resources and referrals, seek and give support, and feel empowered knowing we're part of a knowledgeable and strong community.

Playgroups & Meetups

We hold monthly playgroups for families with younger children. Often, these playgroups are the first opportunity for our children to meet others who are like them.

Any member of TransFamilies of Silicon Valley can host or suggest an event at anytime, so we've met up for family bowling, movies, pool parties and BBQs, teen ice skating, adult-only coffees and happy hours, and much more.

It's also common for a group member to ask to meet with another family who might be in a similar situation for a more intimate gathering.

Events are facilitated through our online group.

Advocacy Tools & Support

Our families come from all walks of life with a rich variety of experiences. Most of us need to advocate for our children at school, with health insurance, or in other areas.

We share our knowledge and experience with the understanding that many families have the enormous task of educating their community, and that with each community educated, the world moves forward in becoming a safer place for all our children. 

When you walk into that meeting with the school principal, we want you to feel the support of all the families in TransFamilies of Silicon Valley walking in behind you. And if you want, you might also find people to literally walk in that office with you. 

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