Know Your Rights

Did you know that school staff should not "out" your child to other school staff, or that your child has the right to LGBT-inclusive sex education that teaches about gender identity?

Know Your Rights: Transgender Student Rights at School

A guide from the ACLU of Northern California

AB 1266 FAQ

Transgender student rights in California

California Healthy Youth Act FAQ 

LGBT-inclusive sex education

FAIR Education Act

LGBT-inclusive history and social science lessons

Gender Recognition Act (SB 179)

California Act that makes it significantly easier to change gender markers on CA identification documents and allows a gender marker to be listed as "nonbinary"​

ID, Please: Full Guide to Changing California and Federal Identity Documents

Transgender Law Center

ID Documents Center

National Center for Transgender Equality

Transcend Legal

Helps people get transgender-related health care covered under insurance

Sample School District Policy

Click on "Administrative Regulation (BP/AR 5157)" link within the page to see a sample school district policy supporting transgender students that includes non-binary students

Office of LGBTQ Affairs - Santa Clara County 

Information and referrals within Santa Clara County including education, medical and county systems


Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee - LGBT political action committee in the counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Monterey

Transgender Law Center

Legal help line offered

National Center for Transgender Equality

Legal aid network offered


National Center for Lesbian (& Transgender) Rights

Legal help line offered

Lambda Legal

Legal help desk offered

ACLU of Northern CA

Contact if your child is not receiving an LGBTQ-inclusive sex education at your public school

Southern Poverty Law Center

Civil rights advocacy organization well known for its classification of hate groups


Human Rights Campaign, the largest national LGBTQ civil rights organization


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