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Who We Are

Since February 2015


About Us

We are a welcoming community of families with transgender and gender-creative children up and down the San Francisco Peninsula and throughout the South Bay.

We hold monthly playgroups for families with young children, social events for family members of all ages, and an active online group for 24/7 parent and guardian support.

Some of our other offerings include resources and referrals, advocacy, education consulting and public speakers.


In February 2015, a small group of parents of young transgender and gender-creative children living on the San Francisco Peninsula and in the South Bay came together for support and community.

At the time, the only support groups available for families with gender-creative children under 13 years old were in Santa Cruz and Oakland. Services remain sparse for this age group even today.

Our group continued to grow, along with our children. Now we're about 150 families strong, and we welcome families with transgender and gender-creative children of all ages. Until the day more services are offered for children under 13, our commitment to prioritize serving this age group remains strong.